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Pupuk Perkebunan dan Pertanian l Mesin Pembuat Kompos l Pupuk Organik - www.kencanaonline.com
Pupuk Perkebunan dan Pertanian l Mesin Pembuat Kompos l Pupuk Organik - www.kencanaonline.com

Mesin Pengolahan Sampah ( Compost Machine) RKM 1000 L

Price:Rp 15.000.000,- ( Loco Bandung)
Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)
Quantity:Per 1 Unit
Pack. & Delivery:Pallet Kayu (Wood Pallet)

Composting is an alternative treatment of organic waste and solid waste ( organic solid waste) that can be implemented due to raw material mainly urban waste ( municipal waste) are available in abundance, and appropriate technology for the composting process had been fairly mastered. In terms of environmental interests, composting can reduce the volume of waste being dumped into the Final Disposal ( TPA) , because some of them especially the organic solid waste is used in a way is processed into compost. From the economic side, composting of organic solid waste is defined for items that originally had no economic value and even require the cost is quite expensive to handle the disposal and lately often cause social problems, turned out to be converted into useful products and a promising economic value

Changing the organic waste into something useful like compost and liquid organic fertilizer, it will be useful in maintaining soil fertility, increase soil humus layer, loose soil binding and as a nutrient supply for plants around the environment itself as a garden in the residential, hotel, restaurant, and industrial environment. Compost can also be sold to farmers, or consignment to dealers of ornamental plants in urban areas along the road, the owner of the park, among hobies plants and flowers and planters. Now compost also has become a key ingredient in organic fertilizer granules on a large scale by the state-owned fertilizer. Useful compost to improve soil structure, the necessary plant nutrients will be available. Microbes present in the compost will help the absorption of nutrients that plants need. The land will become more loose. Plants are fertilized with compost will grow better.

Basically, compost is produced in the decomposition process properly, can improve soil fertility and physical chemistry which in turn will increase crop production. In horticultural crops ( fruits, ornamental plants, and vegetables) or the perishable nature of plants that are almost impossible to be planted without compost. Similarly, in the field of plantation, the use of compost is proven to increase crop production. In the field of forestry, the plants will grow better with compost. Meanwhile, the fishery, age, maintenance is reduced and the fish pond, maintenance aged 7 months to 5 to 6 months. Compost makes fruits and vegetables taste better, more fragrant and more massive. This has encouraged the development of organic crops, in addition to a healthier and safer because of not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers it feels better, more brittle, and fragrant.

Making compost is practically done using compost machine technology Biophosko® Manual Rotary Klin RKM 1000 L dimensionless PLT ( Height = 190 cm, width = 155 cm, length = 290 cm) made of fiber, reducers and other aeration equipment. Rotary Klin RKM 1000 L operated commercially as Compost Treatment Plant City ( IPKK) on Disposal Waste Temporary ( TPS) , the main markets, vegetable markets, malls, neighborhoods, villages, businesses poultry, cattle and goat business, food industry and beverages, apartments and can also be moved as needed ( mobile) . IPKK with machine tool Rotary Klin Composter this manual will provide income for anyone looking to take advantage of city garbage around their homes such as retirees, companies, hotels, restaurants, cooperative employees, the cooperative market, SME entrepreneurs and anyone interested in doing business by making use of waste compost city in particular.

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